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Why should you use a professional resume writer at The Gould Group?
1 - To be absolutely certain your resume gets to the desk of the hiring authority.
2 - Know your resume is in the proper format for mailing, internet and job board posting, and scanning.
3 - With strong competition - to know that your resume is at the top of the pile.
4 - You write 1 resume every 3 to 5 years: the professional writes 3 every day.
5 - HR managers classify 95% of resumes as "Bad," be certain that yours is the 1 in 20 called "Great".
Contact our Professional Resume Writers today and start moving your career in the right direction.
A resume has one purpose:  To get you a job interview.  Resumes must do their work quickly.  Employers and Human Resource Professionals may look through hundreds of applications and may spend only a few seconds reviewing a resume.  To get someone to look at it longer, your resume must quickly convey that you are capable and competent enough to be worth interviewing.  The more thoroughly you prepare your resume now, the more likely someone is to read it later, be interested, and grant you an interview.
Our professional writers are experts in evaluating your strengths and achievements in SALES.  We are committed to prepare and critique your resume, delivering a finished product to begin your successful job search campaign.
First impression is not in your appearance, but the appearance of the resume, with the layout being very important. It is critical to save the reader time and allow them quick access to your most valuable transferable skills; selling strategies, sales leadership, performance ratings, long term client relationships, marketing strategy and the ability to effectively develop new business.
A great resume can play a central role in launching your career.  Perhaps, its most important function is getting you an interview in the first place. There are only three essential elements to any successful resume:
Quality What counts is not how good your resume looks or reads on its own, its how good your resume looks and reads compared to other resumes! We make you stand out from the crowd.
Uniqueness In an era where style is just as important as substance, we carefully select a style that makes you look unique, never just another resume in the stack. What counts is how effectively your unique mix of skills and accomplishments are communicated in your resume.
Strategy We know how to market your skills by choosing powerful and competitive words strategically in order to trigger positive responses. We present YOUR credentials in competition with your peers. We use the right words, the right format, and a keyword format to make your resume retrievable from electronic databases, to make a better first impression, and increase your chances for quality interviews.
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